Factoring Beyond First Factor

This form will help you find TF / P-1 work for small exponents that already have at least one known factor.

minimum exponent
maximum exponent
minimum TF bits (optional)
maximum TF bits (optional)
TF assignment factor-to bits (optional, if blank will be current+1)
P-1 Tests Saved (PFactor)
minimum number of known factors
maximum number of known factors
Fixed B1 you will use for P-1 (optional). If specified, assignments will be generated with this B1 value instead of normal-optimal B1.
In either case if specified/calculated B1 is lower than already-performed P-1 B1, assignment will be generated with (currentB1*1.3).
Filter by P-1 status
Assigment worktodo type (PM1 worktodo is slower to generate and limited to fewer results. Also includes P+1 worktodo lines.)
filter by whether exponent is factored or not