GPU trial-factoring performance comparison chart

Expected Mersenne number trial-factoring performance for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs using mfaktc or mfakto.

I need more mfaktc and mfakto benchmarks, especially for RTX 3xxx and Radeon RX 5xxx/6xxx
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RTX 3070/3080/3090 performance is pure mostly speculation, I have not seen any only seen one benchmark.
Radeon RX 6xxx performance is pure speculation, I have not seen any benchmarks.
If you have one of these cards, please submit benchmarks for CUDALucas and gpuowl (first 30k iterations of 57885161), and for mfaktc (form).

show only recent consumer GPUs (GTX 10xx/16xx, RTX 20xx/30xx, RX 4xx/5xx)

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