Bulk Factor Submission

for trial-factoring work above 1000M

(results below 1000M should be submitted to GIMPS, not here)

No credit, no immediate feedback, but these factors will be slowly checked and recorded if authentic

There are currently 0 factor candidates in the queue.
There are currently 0 no-factor candidates in the queue.

Upload a text file with one exponent/factor pair per line, in the format:
M1234567 has a factor: 9876543210
M1234569 has a factor: 8976543210

Note: factor lines can contain additional text before and/or after (e.g. output from mfaktc, Prime95, etc) -- it will be ignored.
Submitted data can also include mfaktc/mfakto style no-factor lines:
no factor for M3884257079 from 2^52 to 2^64 [mfaktc 0.21 75bit_mul32_gs]
UID: JamesHeinrich/mfaktc_GTX580, no factor for M3679610681 from 2^52 to 2^64 [mfaktc 0.21 75bit_mul32_gs]

Note: no-factor lines can contain the UID portion at the beginning of the line or not, it will be ignored if present. But the mfakt* section must be present.
Prime95 TF results are also accepted, but note that Prime95 does not support exponents above M1,999,999,973.
ONLY factors (or lack thereof) are being recorded.
No record of who found it or how will be recorded here.