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Looks for exponents in specified range that have been poorly factored. This is determined as the chance of finding a factor beyond the default trial-factoring limit (combination of additional TF + P-1 factoring) have a combined low probability of finding a factor.
Exponents between (+100,000) random range

Low combined probability is <%

Trial Factoring done to between and
Show lines with tests saved, or B1= and B2=.

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Average P-1 probability
Stage2 NOT done2.963% chance of factor
Stage2 done3.655% chance of factor
P-1 factor probability distribution (0-10%)
P-1 completed by exponent range (to M72M)
P-1 probability by exponent range (to M72M)
Worst-done ranges:

P-1 done, stage2 done:P-1 done, no stage2:P-1 done, worst bounds:P-1 not done: